January Bullet Journal Flip Through|| Art Deco Theme

So I took the plunge and invested in a new dot journal this year. I’ve also gone a bit crazy with the stationery this month. Oops.

I went with an Art Deco theme to start my journal for both the 2020 set up, and my January spreads. I jazzed it up a bit by adding some baby pink to the black and gold.

I think most of it is pretty self explanatory, so here are the pics. If you want to follow me on Instagram, my handle is @blackgoddessjournals.

November Bullet Journal Flip Through|| Blogmas Day 3

I wanted something really quick and colourful for my theme this month, so I took inspiration from Amanda Rach Lee’s August 2018 monthly spread. You can find the video here. I did mine with Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils because my bullet Journal has big problems with ghosting (being able to see what’s on the other side of the page on the current page.) I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and it only took me a couple hours to do the entire month (and a few more for the black inked lines.)

October Bullet Journal Flip Through|| Cute Spooky Theme (Chris Ryniak inspired)

In honour of Halloween I did a cute spooky theme using the characters created by Chris Ryniak in his morning scribbles. I chose to stick with pencil for these ones because I thought a lot of the detail would be lost if I inked them. I’m really happy with how they turned out, even if they didn’t always fit in the boxes I’d made. It’s also my first foray into shading/greyscale.

First up is my title/splash page. It’s pretty sparse, but the monster cat looked cutest around this size. I don’t love the writing I used for October, but I think I used up all my energy on the drawings.

This double page spread is my calendar, where I plan my blog posts, and where I usually try to track my reading progress. Alas, not this month. My little ghost dude didn’t quite fit in my pre-drawn box, so I just went over the edges.

This next page has my mood tracker. I wish I’d come up with something more creative than witches hats, but the snake on a broomstick looks pretty amazing.

Next is my habit tracker and goals, featuring a very cute spider.

My next double page has my TBR, part of my haul and new releases for the month. Sadly there wasn’t room for drawing, so it’s pretty boring.

Next up is my first weekly spread (which is actually the last week of September… oops.) I’ve got a pumpkin flying on a bay on the left hand page, and a headstone running away.

This is probably my favourite spread. I love my little pumpkin reaper and my vampire.

Another weekly spread, this time featuring the grim reaper.

Week 42 got an animal theme… a bunny on a carrot and a kitty on a skull.

My final weekly spread features a pumpkin on a headstone, and an armless witch.

My final page was my wrap up and the other part of my haul, but there was no decoration to speak of, so I haven’t included it here.

I hope you enjoyed my October bullet journal flip through. Apologies for the crap lighting. My lamp has a yellow bulb that I defuse off my wall, so it doesn’t work very well as a spot light.

Do you use a bullet journal? Do you decorate it or Lee it minimal?

Let me know in the comments below!

August Bullet Journal Flip Through|| Disney Princesses

I came across some gorgeous Disney inspired line drawings and I thought they’d look really cool as a spread, so I decided to make them the theme for August. I know it’s super late, but I wanted to finish every month in my journal and this seemed like both a creative, yet relatively easy option. I know they aren’t all technically princesses, but I don’t really care about the semantics at this point.

So here’s my August bullet journal spread.

I omitted my monthly calendar because it was messy. This next spread was supposed to contain my Mood tracker but I didn’t fill it in, so it’s just Esmerelda and Ariel, but I think it looks really nice anyway. The next page has my habits and monthly goals, along with a drawing of Rapunzel.

The next spread has a line drawing of Wendy. I wish I’d moved her over toward the spine a bit more, but oh well.

Next up I’ve got my first weekly spread, featuring Cinderella and Aurora. They looked weird when I made them smaller so I just drew them to the size where they looked good. I wish they fit in the boxes, but alas. I decided to only ink the parts in the box, but I still left the pencil outlines anyway.

As always, this is the best weekly spread for drawing and creativity because there’s so much room. From left to right I’ve drawn Pocahontas, Tinkerbell, Megara, and Snow White.

I probably could’ve put a lot more characters in this spread, but they didn’t look right, so I chose to stick with Merida from Brave. It’s not my favourite movie, but I loved this line drawing.

Here we have Princess Jasmine and Belle for my final weekly spread. I didn’t bother photographing my haul and wrap up page because they were crammed full of writing.

I copied the designs from Kezzamin at DeviantArt, so be sure to check them out if here if you’re interested.

July Bullet Journal Flip Through|| Studio Ghibli Theme

Another month, another bullet journal theme. For July I chose to go with a Studio Ghibli theme, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I drew almost everything free hand (except the bridge on the first page. I couldn’t get the perspective right.) I’m not going to go into a lot of explanation about each spread, I’ll just name the characters I’ve drawn (and from what movie.)

So to start with I’ve got Chihiro on the bridge looking at the bathhouse from Spirited Away.

I didn’t do much with the calendar spread. The little soot creatures in the corner are also from Spirited Away.

Here I drew Kiki and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. I didn’t finish her face because it looked weird every time I tried. I also didn’t colour my habit trackers because I couldn’t come up with a basic colour scheme for the whole month that I was happy with.

Next I’ve drawn Totoro and his little friends from My Neighbour Totoro.

I’ve drawn the Kodama from Princess Mononoke in this spread.

For this weekly spread I drew Nausicaa and an Ohmu in the Sea of Corruption from the movie Nausicaa Of the Valley Of Wind. I also didn’t complete her face. I figured a pencil line was better than every other attempt I made, so I just left it.

Here is Calcifer eating egg shells from the movie Howl’s Moving Castle. (Read the original book by Diana Wynne-Jones. It’s one of my favourites!) I did base this off someone else’s art, and here’s the link.

On the left I drew No Face and the hamster thing from Spirited Away, and on the right I drew Turnip Head from Howl’s Moving Castle.

And finally, it’s the Catbus from My Neighbour Totoro!

Thanks for checking out this post! If you have any ideas for future themes you’d like to see let me know in the comments below!

May Bullet Journal Flip Through|| Pokémon Theme

Another month, another bullet journal spread. For May I went with a Pokémon theme. I absolutely loved drawing them all. I decided to leave them as line drawings, because I didn’t want to risk making them look awful.

Next up is my calendar where I track my reading and plan blog posts. This spread features three starter Pokémon from different generations: Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, and Piplup.

The next page is my mood tracker, featuring badly drawn Dittos, followed by my habit trackers and monthly goals. The Pokémon in the corner is Mimikyuu, who is a lonely ghost who tries to mimic Pikachu. 😢

Next is my TBR and new Releases for May. On the left page is Pumpkaboo, and on the right is Litwick.

My first weekly spread is probably my favourite layout. It has enough room for daily tasks as well as drawings. In this one I drew the evolutions of some original Pokémon: Igglybuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff on the left, and Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable on the right.

This next weekly spread wasn’t great for pictures, so I drew a tiny Snorlax in one box and Azurill in another.

My next spread is great for drawing, but not so functional for me. I wanted to go crazy, but I didn’t want to crowd the page. So from left to right, top to bottom are: Horsea, Oddish, Gastly, Mareep, and Psyduck.

I loved my next spread. I drew a different cat-like Pokémon every single day. In order: Litten, Meowth, Glameow, Skitty, Purrloin, Mew, and Espeon.

My next spread wasn’t really planned out with a theme, so I just drew Pokémon I think are cute. From top to bottom, left to right, they are Natural, Togepi, Teddiursa, Bellossom, and Bunneary.

No Pokemon here, but this double page is my monthly book haul, a recommendation list, and my TBR for Asian Readathon.

Next I have my Ramadan Readathon TBR (which I didn’t manage to read a single book for) with a cute Charmander in the corner. The following page is my monthly wrap up with a Swablu in the top corner.

April Bullet Journal Flip Through || Easter Theme

It’s my second month of using a bullet journal and I’m loving it. I decided to do an Easter theme, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Firstly because I can actually draw bunnies and Easter eggs, and secondly because it’s so colourful.

The next pages have my mood tracker, habit trackers and monthly goals. I accidentally miscounted, so my habit trackers are too big.

Next are my weekly spreads. I find the first spread the best for me because it balances functionality and creativity.

This next spread was my favourite to draw, but it really isn’t the most useful.

Finally there’s my book haul and my monthly reading wrap up.

Let’s Chat!

What do you use to keep track of your life and your reading? Let me know in the comments below!

March Digital Planner Flip Through

At the end of February I started a digital planner using the GoodNotes app. I posted a few screenshots along with my February Book Bujo last month because I hadn’t done much then. Since I used it for the whole month of March, I thought it warranted its own post. I still don’t think it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it could be, but I think it’s just one of those things that will keep improving.

For March I purchased Woodland Fox printable planner stickers from Plannersaurus and CCM Digitals’ Fall Digital Planner Stickers on Etsy.

So let’s get into it.

First up I have my calendar where I track my reading and blog posts, followed by a page with my monthly goals and TBR.

The next page has the new releases I’m interested in for the month, and I mark any I purchase.

My next page contains my habit trackers and my reading progress for each book I picked up this month.

Then, I finally get to my weekly spreads that contain all my appointments, to-do lists, weather and mood trackers.

I had heaps to do on Saturday the 16th, so I tried a full day spread to keep me on task, and for the most part it worked. Being able to block out parts of my day for certain activities helped me pace myself.

Since I had to overhaul my diet, I decided to do a page to note the foods I can eat, and the ones I should avoid, or have smaller portions of.

The next page is dedicated to my monthly reading wrap up.

My last page was used to sort out all the forms and documents I needed for a bunch of pet insurance claims. I like that I can add pages where I need them.


I’ve found having a digital planner quite useful, because I can change things around pretty easily when appointments or tasks change. I can also add or delete pages as needed to suit my purposes.

I can also make it as simple or as decorative as I like, and there isn’t the worry about having to use white-out to fix mistakes, or the annoyance of ink bleeding through the pages.


The main downside to the digital planner is the cost of purchasing stickers. If you’re creative, have the right tools (such as an iPad and stylus), and a vague idea of how digital graphics work (layers confuse me), then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. You can use a program like Procreate to make your own digital stickers using your own artwork. (You can also download free Procreate brushes, or purchase them from Etsy or sites such as Uproot, to help create your stickers).

While the CCM Digital Stickers can be imported directly as a full sheet of pre-cut stickers into GoodNotes, I had to use Evernote and Procreate to transfer and crop the fox stickers into my Boho Berry Sticker Book (also in GoodNotes), which frankly, was a bit of a pain in the ass.

My only other slight quibble is that I can’t create a cover page for the month, because the journal came with pre-set hyperlinks, so the first page is the calendar. I’m sure with a bit of experimenting, I will be able to fix this.

Let’s Chat!

Do you use a digital planner or some other kind of planner? Did you buy a particular brand? What do you like or dislike about your planner? Let me know in the comments below!

March Bullet Journal Flip Through

This month I decided to try my hand at a traditional bullet journal to keep track of my life. I spent a ridiculous amount of time setting up my March and April spreads this month, but I find it quite calming. The perfectionist in me who loves order and lists revelled in the whole process.

That being said, I was perhaps a little ambitious with my theme for March. I decided to do Autumn Foxes, which sounds cute, but had mixed success. My drawings looked pretty much like any animal except foxes, as you’ll see. What’s that saying? My reach exceeded my grasp? Yep. That’s me.

First up I have my guiding lines page, followed by my March splash page. My fox looks more like a cat… oops.

My first double page spread is my calendar where I track my reading and plan my blog posts for the month. I also pen in birthdays.

The next page has my mood tracker, followed by my habit trackers and my monthly goals.

Next is my TBR, and I mark which ones I’ve read, followed by March new releases, and I’ve coloured in the ones I’ve purchased. These pages are very minimalistic (I’d given up on drawing foxes by time I got around to decorating these pages.)

Next up is a double page spread for week 10, in which my fox looks more like an orange skunk. *Sigh* What I like about this spread is that there is room to draw (if you actually have the ability). There isn’t a lot of room for the actual bullet points (because I like them on one line), but I will probably use the same spread next month.

My week 11 spread features a wolf wearing fox fur. I don’t necessarily like how crowded it looks when I’ve got a lot happening in one day, but I like this spread overall because I can fit so much on the page.

My next weekly spread was pretty basic, but it’s probably one of the most functional ones.

The last weekly spread was also very functional, and had I the inclination, I could have decorated a bit more.

My next pages contain my March Book Haul, my monthly recommendation list (retconned, because the post is quite a few days away), and my monthly wrap up. This month I did both a reading and watching wrap up.

Finally, I’ve included a page for my blog posts, and a page to list what I can eat, and what I should avoid with my new diet.

Overall, I really enjoyed my foray into bullet journaling. I found it quite calming, and having a place to write out plans and lists appealed to the perfectionist in me. I also liked that I could be creative with colour and images, although next month I’ll be a bit less ambitious and draw things within my ability.

Let’s Chat!

Do you bullet journal? What do you do to keep track of things? Let me know in the comments below!