March Digital Planner Flip Through

At the end of February I started a digital planner using the GoodNotes app. I posted a few screenshots along with my February Book Bujo last month because I hadn’t done much then. Since I used it for the whole month of March, I thought it warranted its own post. I still don’t think it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it could be, but I think it’s just one of those things that will keep improving.

For March I purchased Woodland Fox printable planner stickers from Plannersaurus and CCM Digitals’ Fall Digital Planner Stickers on Etsy.

So let’s get into it.

First up I have my calendar where I track my reading and blog posts, followed by a page with my monthly goals and TBR.

The next page has the new releases I’m interested in for the month, and I mark any I purchase.

My next page contains my habit trackers and my reading progress for each book I picked up this month.

Then, I finally get to my weekly spreads that contain all my appointments, to-do lists, weather and mood trackers.

I had heaps to do on Saturday the 16th, so I tried a full day spread to keep me on task, and for the most part it worked. Being able to block out parts of my day for certain activities helped me pace myself.

Since I had to overhaul my diet, I decided to do a page to note the foods I can eat, and the ones I should avoid, or have smaller portions of.

The next page is dedicated to my monthly reading wrap up.

My last page was used to sort out all the forms and documents I needed for a bunch of pet insurance claims. I like that I can add pages where I need them.


I’ve found having a digital planner quite useful, because I can change things around pretty easily when appointments or tasks change. I can also add or delete pages as needed to suit my purposes.

I can also make it as simple or as decorative as I like, and there isn’t the worry about having to use white-out to fix mistakes, or the annoyance of ink bleeding through the pages.


The main downside to the digital planner is the cost of purchasing stickers. If you’re creative, have the right tools (such as an iPad and stylus), and a vague idea of how digital graphics work (layers confuse me), then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. You can use a program like Procreate to make your own digital stickers using your own artwork. (You can also download free Procreate brushes, or purchase them from Etsy or sites such as Uproot, to help create your stickers).

While the CCM Digital Stickers can be imported directly as a full sheet of pre-cut stickers into GoodNotes, I had to use Evernote and Procreate to transfer and crop the fox stickers into my Boho Berry Sticker Book (also in GoodNotes), which frankly, was a bit of a pain in the ass.

My only other slight quibble is that I can’t create a cover page for the month, because the journal came with pre-set hyperlinks, so the first page is the calendar. I’m sure with a bit of experimenting, I will be able to fix this.

Let’s Chat!

Do you use a digital planner or some other kind of planner? Did you buy a particular brand? What do you like or dislike about your planner? Let me know in the comments below!