February Bullet Journal & Digital Planner Flip Through

So this month I continued my bookish bullet journal, and I started a digital planner. The content is essentially the same, but I’ve added a few more organisational, day to day things to my digital one.

Bullet Journal

I kept the same set up as January for my bookish bullet journal. I chose to keep theme and colour scheme pretty simple too. Again, it’s heavily inspired by Amanda Rach Lee. I also purchased some Washi tape and started to play around with it a bit.

I’ve got a separate title page, and have my monthly goals and TBR on a page together.

I track my reading on my monthly calendar spread, as well as planned blog posts.

I have a single page to note new releases that I may be interested in, and I mark the ones I pre-order or purchase. The next page is my TBR for VaLITines Readathon.

I’ve got a full page for my book haul, and one for my reading wrap up.

I also have a recommendation list based on a theme that I’ve compiled, which is Fairytale retellings for February. On the following pages I have a list of my favourite Korean Dramas, with the rating in the heart.

Finally I have my Fairytaleathon TBR, with the books I read marked.

Digital Planner

I purchased a 2019 Monday Start Portrait Planner from Boho Berry, along with some digital stickers for banners, weather icons and habit/mood trackers.

I’m using the app GoodNotes on my iPhone, although any PDF editing program should work if you want to give it a try.

For February I purchased Valentine’s Digital Planner Stickers from CCMDigitals on Etsy, but I haven’t done much with them because I only started my planner on the 23rd.

Most of my pages are the same as my bookish bullet journal, and since I haven’t decorated any of them in my digital planner, I won’t bother posting pics of all those spreads this month.

The one thing that my digital planner has that my bookish journal doesn’t have is weekly spreads for appointments, events, tasks, etc.

I’m pretty excited to expand on my digital planner next month, and my theme is autumn foxes (it’s Fall in the Southern Hemisphere). I’m also starting a physical bullet journal for planning/organisation, as well as a pre-printed bujo, so I’ll probably do a post comparing the three methods at the end of March.

Let’s chat!

How do you keep track of your reading? Do you also use a planner for everyday stuff? What works best for you? Let me know in the comments below!